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Austlen Entourage Baby & Toddler Stroller: Travel System Double Strollers for Boys & Girls

If you are looking for the best stroller travel system in 2018, you won’t go wrong with the Austlen Entourage Stroller. This has to be one of the best luxury strollers to buy this year.

It has class and we are going to be looking at some of its features to give you more insight as to why you should make it one of your top choices if you are considering buying the best travel system for your newborn baby.

In this Austlen Entourage Stroller review, we are going to have an overview look at it and explore some of its features for more insight.

Some features are better explained with a video and we included some videos to give you a better grasp of this luxurious stroller. Let us start exploring this splendid work of art!


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8 Main Austlen Entourage Features That Makes It Stand Out

The Austlen Entourage baby stroller will give your family more freedom to go and do things you want with no worries.

It is an award-winning stroller with a patented design.

With a one-handed expandable frame with three positions, a high capacity storage basket, a large adjustable removable market tote, an easy fold into a compact unit, this stroller is probably the most versatile stroller in the market today.

Watch the following video to give you an overview of what this stroller is capable of.



1. 5-position seat recline

The stroller has a seat that reclines up to five positions. This makes it very easy to carry your baby and also allow them to view the surrounding and get entertained no matter their age or height. Depending on their height, you can set the seat position.

2. Safety

The Austlen Entourage stroller has a safety tether so you can make sure you’re your baby is safely tucked into the stroller and there is no possibility of them falling off. It also has a handlebar which has an adjustable height.

The stroller also has a five-point harness for safety which is padded so that it doesn’t hurt the skin of your baby.

This makes the Austlen Entourage stroller very safe to use when you are taking your baby out for a stroll.

3. Adjustable leg rest

The Austlen Entourage stroller has a leg rest which you can adjust as per the height of the baby. This allows your baby to get comfortable in the stroller.

4. Suspension system which absorbs shocks

When you have a baby in your stroller, you need to make sure that it is comfortable and that he or she enjoys the stroll.

The Austlen Entourage stroller allows your baby to have a very enjoyable strolling experience as it has a suspension system. This absorbs the shock of any minor bumps or potholes on the road.

You can use the stroller on uneven ground too in a park rather than only on paved roads as the bumps in the ground will be absorbed by the suspension system and won’t cause your baby any discomfort.

In addition to that, the Austlen stroller has tires which can never go flat and has ball bearings. This takes out the worry of being stuck in the middle of a park with a heavy stroller with a flat tire and a child.

5. Easy to use brakes

When you are taking a baby out for a stroll, you need to be very careful with it.

Any biker in a park or a runner can potentially crash into the stroller and hurt your baby.

To prevent that, the Entourage stroller has a one-touch brake. This ensures that you can stop the stroller and be in the same position with just one touch on the stroller.

6. Expandable frame

You can expand the frame of the stroller so that it can comfortably hold your baby. There are three positions into which you can expand the stroller.

It also has a self-standing fold which can be set up in two steps and has an auto-lock frame.

7. Sun and heat protection

The stroller has a full coverage extension sun canopy. This will easily protect your baby from the heat of the sun.

The canopy is UPF 50+ so that the sun’s rays won’t harm your baby’s skin.

It has two small peek-a-boo windows that are made of mesh that your baby can look out through.

8. Storage capacity

The stroller has a strong storage basket which can carry a lot of weight.

It also has a market tote bag which is expandable.

This makes it very easy for you to carry the various things you need for your baby when you are out for a stroll. It also makes light shopping easy while you take your baby for a stroll.

The [amazon link=”B071LQTCCK” title=”Austlen Entourage Stroller” /] is full of useful features that will benefit you as a parent and family. When you look at these features you will be able to appreciate if they tally with your lifestyle.

Let’s quickly summarize them before exploring them one time.


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How To Assemble The Austlen Baby Entourage Stroller

When you purchase the [amazon link=”B071LQTCCK” title=”Austlen Entourage Stroller” /], assembling it should be the least of your worries. The following video will show you how to assemble your Entourage stroller.



First, this is how your stroller arrives out of the box;

  • Stroller frame with seat,
  • market tote,
  • side panels for lower storage,
  • vendors,
  • and wheels.

Fenders go on first. To put on the fender align the holes on the fender with these two bumps on the frame and snap them on. To attach the back wheels, slide the pin into the axle until it clicks into place.

Front wheels have an outside and an inside.  Slide the pin into the wheel housing until it clicks into place.

Expanding The Entourage Stroller



The best way to unfold your entourage is to stand in front of the stroller use your shin to press against the frame.

Push the small metal button while sliding both of the levers towards you and lift up. Next, slide the levers on the front frame towards you and lift up.

To attach the side panels of the lower storage basket, it’s best to expand the stroller. To [amazon link=”B071LQTCCK” title=”expand the Entourage” /], slide the lever with your thumb while squeezing the button and push out.

Place the panel with the snaps toward the rear frame and the panel with the metal bar toward the front. Place the ends of the bar into the notches above the lower basket then fasten the snaps, then fasten the front and the sides.

You’ll see on the back panel there are actually two fastening strips use the top strip the bottom strip is for use with the platform rider accessory. Now retract your stroller.

To attach your market tote. Click the handles into the front frame then into the rear frame notches closest to you. Release the brake and you’re ready to roll.

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The following image will give a quick look at the many configurations you have with the Entourage:


austlen entourage baby stroller


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Now that you know what this stroller is capable of, it is ideal to perform some of the basic routines you will be performing on your stroller. Routines like unfolding when you start to use it, expanding it should you want to add luggage when going to the beach.

You would also want to see how easy it would be to fold if you want to store it away or snap in some adapters to allow for an extra seat to make it a double stroller.

Compare with Stokke Xplory V5 Stroller a luxury Norwegian stroller in a class of its own.

Let’s explore these basic routines;

How To Fold, Unfold, And Stand The Stroller



Unfolding The Stroller

The best way to unfold your Entourage is to stand in front of the stroller use your shin to press against the frame.

Push the small metal button while sliding both of the levers toward you and lift up next slide the levers on the front frame towards you and lift up.

Adjust the handlebar to any of the four positions to accommodate your height and comfort.

Folding The Stroller

To fold the Entourage apply the brake and remove the market tote slide the levers on the front frame up and push forward to fold the rear frame push the metal button in with your thumb while sliding the levers up fold forward.

Standing The Stroller

To stand the Entourage when folded lift the front frame up and rest the stroller on its vendors.

Expanding and Retracting The Austlen Entourage Stroller

This video will show you how to expand and retract your Entourage stroller.




To expand the Entourage slide the lever with your thumb while squeezing the button and push out until it clicks into place.

For the intermediate position release midway and it will automatically lock otherwise pull all the way back until it clicks into place.

How To Sit And Stand On The Entourage Stroller




To install the jump seat, expand your Entourage. Hold the seat in front of the frame and slide it down and back. To deploy or stow the seat lift the lever and lower or raise.

To install the platform rider push the back of the basket out of the way and unsnap on one side. Hold the platform diagonally and lower to snap into place, fasten the bottom, strip on the back of the platform and re-snap the basket.

Your Entourage folds with the jump seat and platform rider attached.

To remove the jump seat pull the white strap and lift up.


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How To Use The Arm Bar




The Entourage has a rotating armbar to easily allow your child to get in and out of the stroller. It can be released on either side by pushing the small button.

This is also where accessories such as the snack tray and front car seat adaptors can attach to reconnect the arm bar just slide it back until it clicks into place.

How To Use The Stroller Brakes

From time to time, you will need to be hitting the brakes now and again. And with the Austlen Entourage Stroller, this is very easy to do. Watch the following demo video.




The Entourage brakes can be locked and unlocked in a single step literally. To lock the brake push on the white position of either brake lever.

To release push on the green portion or use the top of your foot and lift up.

How To Adjust The Stroller Harness

One of the things that you will need to know and is important to your baby’s safety is the harness. You need to be able to adjust it such that it holds the baby securely onto the seat. In this video, you will see how to adjust the harness on your Entourage.




The harness can be adjusted to fit your child’s height. To adjust the harness unzip the back panel and fold the front frame down slightly. You’ll find the end of the shoulder strap. Feed it through to the other side and re-feed it to the desired position.

Straps should be positioned closest to your child’s shoulder height. If you need to remove the harness covers for cleaning, open the harness buckle slide, each waist and shoulder strap in opposite directions and then slide the harness covers off.

How To Remove And Attach The Wheels

As you use the stroller, you will need, from time to time, to remove and re-attach the wheels to the stroller. This will happen frequently if you have storage issues.

When you remove the wheels, the stroller can be stored in even tighter spaces.

This video demonstrates how to attach and remove the wheels from your Entourage.




All four Entourage wheels have a quick-release feature which allows the stroller to be packed in tight spaces. To remove the front wheels, push on the white button and pull down. Front wheels have an outside and an inside, the outside looks like this.

To attach the front wheel slide the pin until it clicks into place.

To remove the back wheels there are two buttons under the rear axle on each side, push the buttons and pull the wheel out.

To attach the back wheels slide the pin into the axle until it clicks into place.

The front wheels can be locked in a fixed position so they don’t swivel. To do this move the lever above each wheel from the inside to the outside.


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Expanding The Uses Of The Entourage Stroller

The Entourage Stroller is not limited to transporting around one child, you can expand it to do even more. Let us explore some of the ways you can use this stroller.

Austlen Entourage Car Seat

The Austlen Entourage can be easily changed to a travel system. You simple need car seat adapters to make the stroller a travel system. This video will show you how to attach your car seat adapters on your Entourage.




To attach the front adapters remove the arm bar insert each pin into the hub until it clicks into place. Pull on each to ensure it is secure. To remove push the button underneath each adapter and pull out.

To install the rear car seat adapter, expand your Entourage, hold the adapter diagonally above the front frame and slide it over the notches. Rotate the adapter down and snap it into place. Pull up on all sides to ensure it is securely connected.

To remove press the white buttons and rotate up and off.

Austlen Entourage Bassinet

When you have the Austlen Entourage you do not need to buy a bassinet separately. It comes incorporated with it and for you to use the Austlen Entourage bassinet you just have to make a few tweaks. This video will show you how to use the bassinet enclosure.




This feature allows you to use your Entourage stroller from birth. To use the bassinet enclosure fully recline the front seat and lift the footrest.

Underneath you’ll find a pocket open the pocket and pull out the material. Wrap it around the footrest and use the fastening tabs to secure it at three locations on each side.

Switching To Austlen Entourage Double Stroller

If you have twins or two kids, you do not have to worry about buying a double stroller. Or say you are not yet sure if you have twins or not and waiting for the doctor to tell you just go ahead and buy the Entourage.

To switch to Austlen Double Stroller is a snap. Watch the following video to see how to attach and use the second seat on your Entourage.




Expand your Entourage, click the seat onto the integrated adapters. The seat reclines to three different positions. When both seats are upright the entourage can be fully retracted or you expand as needed.

To recline one or even both seats at the same time to stow the seat pull the strap while pulling up on the recline lever and move to a stowed position. The stroller can now be folded with the second seat.

To remove the seat press the levers and pull up.


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Make Your Shopping A Breeze With Austlen Entourage Stroller Market Tote

One of the features that make Austlen Entourage one of the best travel system strollers is the market tote feature.

With the market tote, you can do your shopping without needing an extra basket to put in items. Watch this video to show you how to use the market tote.




The market tote has three separate compartments that adjust to fit either the retracted, intermediate or fully expanded configurations.

To attach your market tote click the handles into the front frame and then into the rear frame notch, closest to you.

To use the market tote in the intermediate position, release the toggles inside the parent console. To release each toggle squeeze the button and pull the toggle toward you.

To use the market tote in the fully expanded position, release the toggles in the center compartment. The market tote can carry up to 35 pounds when fully expanded.

To remove the market tote simply lift up on the handles. This feature is really convenient because you can easily load it up put it on the conveyor belt at the market and bring it into your car or carry it into your home.

Austlen Entourage Weight With Cargo Capacity

Speaking of the market tote, you can also load up the stroller up to 150 pounds including the weight of the kid(s). This video will tell you a little bit about the cargo capacity on your Entourage.




The Entourage has the highest cargo capacity of any stroller on the market, carrying up to 150 pounds of kids and cargo. The storage area holds up to 65 pounds.

The front is spring loaded so you can load things right on top without having to remove it.

For example here’s how I would load a suitcase or a cooler. Your market tote can still be placed on top loaded up to 35 pounds and don’t forget our cargo bag accessory for carting volume cargo.


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Where To Buy The Austlen Entourage Stroller

When buying the Austlen Entourage Stroller, Amazon is the best place to buy.

Simply because is normally cheaper than most online retail stores. The other good thing about buying from Amazon is that there normally is relatively more reviews about a product so that you may learn more about it from real users. Here is one of the reviews;


This thing is a game changer! I only have one baby but dreaded using a stroller. He absolutely hated the others. This one is love! He is happy with his feet up in a sitting positions and he’s actually took a nap while I grocery shopped. We ordered all the attachments. They were easy to figure out and seriously great quality. It’s easy for me to lift of out my qx 80. Husband loves it too!”

Here is another one;

It sounds weird to love a stroller, but we officially love the Entourage. I was honestly skeptical since it seems like it did so many things, I didn’t see how it could do all of them well. It does, it’s amazing. We worried whether it would be too big or too long. But when we put it side-by-side with other strollers, it was honestly on par. I think because the canopy is big, it makes it seem bigger than it really is (and we like the big canopy!). When it’s fully expanded it’s a little long, but we only use that configuration when we need it…”


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However, if you want to [amazon link=”B071LQTCCK” title=”buy the Austlen Entourage” /], Amazon is the first place to look at, then there are online stores like,, AlbeeBaby, BathAndBeyond, etc.

Entourage Stroller Price

At the time of this writing, the Entourage Stroller price is around $850 at with free shipping. This might have changed and you need to verify with the link below for the latest deal.

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Other Travel Systems To Consider

In this Austlen Entourage Stroller review, you have noticed that this baby stroller will be a perfect buy for your newborn. It has class and most importantly it will meet most of your parental needs with a young one.

However, there are other options you can consider below.

UPPAbaby 2017 VISTA Stroller

The UPPAbaby 2017 VISTA Stroller is the favorite among mothers because it is also fully packed with useful features for an expanding family. They are both luxury strollers to have.

A full Austlen Entourage vs Uppababy VISTA review is available here but let’s have a quick comparison between these strollers.

The Austlen Entourage 2017 Stroller has a larger carrying capacity than the Uppababy VISTA 2017 and is more designed for a family that does not travel light.

It is ideal to go shopping and carrying your groceries with, you can go to the beach with all that luggage on it.

The Uppababy VISTA can do all that but not to the extent the Entourage will. Further, the Entourage seems to be more suited for all terrain and more robust.

On the other hand, with the Entourage you don’t have to have a separate bassinet.

The Uppababy Vista comes with a separate bassinet that is good enough to have your baby sleep overnight in. This is a huge plus on the UppaBaby Vista.

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Though the Entourage can carry up to 150 pounds including kids and cargo, it can carry up to 2 kids while the UppaBaby is designed to carry up to 3.

However, they are both suitable and designed well to be luxury double strollers.

They are also the best baby strollers with car seat as they are travel system strollers.

On the whole, a choice between the Entourage 2017 and Uppababy 2017 VISTA would be based more on your lifestyle rather than which one is better.

What would make the one better than the other would be based on your needs and lifestyle.

As an example, if you are more of a beach person and would be pulling the stroller in the sand with a lot of luggage the Entourage would be your choice.

These two strollers are similar in many respects in that they are almost the same size when folded. They fold and unfold easily.

They are both expandable to have car seats and or bassinet. They are designed to grow with your family though the UppaBaby goes a little further by accommodating a third child.

On the other hand, if your shopping is normally light and chances you are expecting to have a third baby, the UppaBaby Vista would be a better choice.


>> Click Here To Buy Click Here To Buy Uppababy Vista 2017 From

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System

The 2017 B-AGILE 3/B-SAFE 35 Travel System is a combination of the 2017 B-Agile 3 Stroller and the B-Safe 35 infant car seat.

The 2017 B-Agile 3 Stroller is renowned for its lightweight and maneuverability while the B-Safe 35 infant car seat is renowned for its incomparable safety featuring the Britax-exclusive Safe Cell Impact Protection system.

You will not go wrong with this travel system…


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Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Chicco Bravo Trio System is a new, innovative tri-modal stroller platform.

When in its 1st mode for use with infants, the Bravo seat and canopy can be removed easily revealing a lightweight car seat carrier.

This is most helpful when the baby is always in the KeyFit. During the transition time when baby still rides in the KeyFit but may also like to sit up & see, the Bravo functions as a Travel System…


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Best Jogger Travel System Stroller 2018

The Austlen Entourage Stroller is not a jogger stroller but a travel system stroller.

However, as a parent, you might want to have options when you want to do some jogging and grab something quickly by the grocery store on your way back.

In which case you may also want to consider a combination of a jogger and travel system and below are one of the best jogger travel system strollers to consider buying this year.

Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System

The Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System is designed to give your child a smooth ride when jogging or in the car traveling. It rises to the challenge in both situations.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System is also a good choice should want a stroller for jogging and as a travel system as well.

As a jogger stroller, it has the performance and maneuverability of an all-terrain jogger.

As a travel system, it has a one-click Connect technology that allows for a one-step, secure connection of infant car seat to stroller.


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