Breast Milk Enhancers

For nursing moms, one of their priorities is to ensure that they always have adequate supply of milk to ensure that their baby gets the right nutrition that he needs during the initial months of his life.

A lot of mothers are worrying about how they can increase their breastmilk. You have to remember that you will increase your supply of breastmilk each time you feed your baby.

Simply put, the sucking of your baby can stimulate your body to produce the correct quantity of breastmilk. So if you are looking for breast milk enhancers do not think only of supplements or tablets that increase breast milk, activities like the baby sucking at your breast can do the trick. Coupling that with good habits like eating, sleeping well, etc, that might be all you need to have adequate milk supply.

The most effective means of increasing milk supply is through frequent nursing of the baby with no restrictions. If you wonder how you can increase your breastmilk supply or you are worried that what you are producing is not enough, all you need to do is breastfeed even more often.

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Foods That Inhibit Milk Supply

You also need to avoid foods that decrease milk supply, some substances and habits which can cause decreased milk supply, including:

  • Caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Antihistamines and decongestants
  • Birth control pills
  • Extreme weight loss diets
  • Jasmine and sage tea, peppermint candies, parsley

How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally At Home

You have to eat some of the best breast enhancer foods including leafy greens, fresh vegetables in various colors, protein, seeds and nuts and good fats that can be found in eggs, salmon, chia seeds and avocado.


During special instances, a lot of mothers choose to get a jump start through pumping or expressing using a breast pump. The manual expression of milk can help in establishing, building up or maintaining breastmilk production.

Pumping your breastmilk using your hand is another useful skill that nursing mothers should have and is also a wonderful way for collecting and storing this for your baby anywhere and anytime.

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The galactagogues are breast enhancer supplements or substances which can enhance or induce the production of breast milk.

The galactagogues are usually used for insufficient supply or breast milk or induced lactation and re-lactation.

Some of the most commonly used herbal types of galactagogues include blessed thistle and fenugreek. Others include alfalfa, milk thistle, burdock, astragalus root, anise, vervain, fennel and nettle.

Supplements To Increase Milk Supply

There are also breast enhancer pills and medications that can help increasing the supply of breastmilk that you can buy with prescription.

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Motilium can help increase breastmilk supply and prolactin. This is the sole galactagogue that has been proven as effective through a small placebo controlled and double blind trial. This has lesser side effects in the mothers and has not side effects on the infants.


This is taken orally or with nasal spray. This is used by women with insufficient milk supply and helps in causing milk ejection reflect or milk letdown.

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This is the most widely studied galactagogue that has been proven effective and safe. This can stimulate the release of prolactin although it can cause some side effects on the mothers but there are no documented reactions in the infants.


This is usually used in conjunction with or as an alternative with metoclopramide. These are the best breast milk enhancers that you can try to improve your breast milk supply and production. See Benefits Of Breast Milk For Babies