2017 Britax b-agile-3-b-safe 35 Travel System

Britax B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System Review

One of the baby must haves as a new mom is a car seat and a stroller.

In this review, we are going to look at one of the best out there that you can choose to buy. The Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System!

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If you want a quick-fold, lightweight stroller and infant car seat travel system that has side impact protection then you may want to consider buying the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System.

Just because the stroller weighs only 16 ½ pounds it doesn’t mean that it’s not loaded with features that every parent could ever wish for.

This travel system is perfect for those who are always on the go. You will definitely appreciate the lightweight aluminum frame and easy fold design of the stroller.

The huge canopy, automatic lock, and spacious seat are a major plus. Compare with Uppababy Vista 2017 Review here…




Britax B Agile Travel System Review



Britax B Agile Travel System 2017 Features and Specifications


2017 Britax b-agile-3-b-safe 35 Travel System


Quick Feature Summary:

* The B-Safe Car seat has side impact protection (distributes crash forces)
* The B-Agile stroller is suited for infants to children up to 55 pounds
* One-hand quick fold design
* Tangle-free 5-point harness
* Energy-absorbing foam liner
* Three-wheel design for improved steering and maneuverability

Main features of the Britax B-agile travel system

Safety features

The Britax travel system comes with a lot of safety features.

It has a harness that has a five-point safety system. This ensures that your baby is safely secured to the stroller.

The stroller also has a parking brake so if you want to stop somewhere to rest, or to buy something or even just chat on your mobile phone, you can apply the parking brake and the stroller stays put.

There is a locking system in place that holds the stroller when you fold it. This makes it easy to store.

The quality of the stroller is very high and you don’t have to worry about the Britax B-agile travel system breaking and hurting your baby.

Side impact safety

The Britax Company does intensive research and testing when it comes to the safety of their products.

They test the stroller with baby dummies of various sizes and ages to ensure that the baby is safe in the stroller.

The Britax Company also has developed its own side impact protection system for strollers and baby car seats that are trademarked. It is named repeatedly as the best side impact protection that you can get for babies.

Easy to Assemble Stroller and car seat combo

The Britax travel system is very easy to assemble.

The car seat does not need any assembly. It just is a car seat and a base.

For the stroller, you only need to put the wheels in the holes made for it and your stroller and the car seat is ready for use.

It literally takes less than 5 minutes to set up the Britax travel system.

Car seat safety

The base of the car seat is on a steel frame. This stabilizes itself if there is an accident.

The strongest point of the steel frame is where it sits on top of the car seat. The base of the car seat absorbs the most impact during an accident.

The shape of the car’s seat is like a shell and it has a foam lining. This lining also provides protection during a side-impact accident.

The amazing thing about the Britax travel system is that the standards of the system in terms of safety are much higher than the requirements by the National Highway Transportation and Safety Board and the Federal Government.

The Board has given the system a five-star rating which is the highest that any car seat can get.

You can even use it as a safety seat when you are flying in a plane with your baby.

The great thing about this car seat is that even though it has such a high standard of safety, no compromise has been made in terms of comfort of your baby and the car seat is very comfortable.

Easy to use

The harness of the car seat is very easy to use.

The stroller too is very easy to use and keep your baby in. The straps are very easy to adjust and you can adjust the length as your child grows so you save money on buying new car straps.

The Britax travel system has a red button which you need to press and the straps automatically adjust as per the size of your baby.

The pads and straps are easy to remove and wash if you need to.


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Britax Travel System Customer Reviews

There some mixed feelings about the Britax B Agile Travel System 2017, but it’s not to say that new moms don’t like this product. Let’s start with negative reviews.

Britax Travel System 2017 Negative Reviews

Although the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System are favored by so many parents, that doesn’t mean that this product does not have its own set of flaws.

We want to enumerate the most common complaints from parents so you can decide whether or not this travel system is worth looking into.

One of the most common grievances that users mention is that the stroller is difficult to maneuver when the infant seat is on it and the front wheel is locked.

This may not be an issue for others but this is something that can be annoying for some.

Another thing that some parents disliked about this product is that the canopy on the stroller bumps into the car seat’s handle.

Some reviewers also didn’t like the small under seat basket. This can be a major drawback for those who like to go shopping with their baby.

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Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System Positive Reviews

Parents love the fact that the stroller is lightweight, compact and comfortable.

Of course, safety should be the main priority and this travel system definitely delivers. Reviewers are delighted that the whole system is easy to put together. It won’t take but a couple of minutes!

According to most users, the stroller is very easy to steer around corners.

They also think that the quick fold design rocks!

Folding, attaching, detaching, pushing and pulling couldn’t be any simpler with this product. The click-and-go attachment system is a huge time saver as mentioned by some of the reviewers.

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Do we recommend the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System to our readers?

Definitely, and here’s why:

This travel system is cheaper compared to other brands.

There are more expensive brands like the Stokke Xplory 2017. That’s always a plus in our book!

The side impact protection provides a great deal of peace of mind for parents.

Another reason why we love this travel system is that it can accommodate a child up to 55 pounds. Other strollers in the market have lower weight capacity.

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Lastly, the automatic folding feature is something that parents will truly appreciate.

With just a push of the button, the stroller folds in an instant. With that feature alone, we say that this product is worth buying.

The Britax B-Agile Travel System is one of the best travel system strollers you can buy!

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