Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Review

If you need an innovative breast pump that mimics baby’s natural suckling patterns then you may want to consider purchasing the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast pump. This product is ideal for those who want frequent expression of breast milk by means of single or double pumping.


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Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Vs Pump In Style


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The Medela Advanced Personal Double pump offers 2-Phase Expression technology which is proven to get more milk in less time when pumping at maximum comfort vacuum in the expression phase.

The one-touch let-down button allows moms to toggle between stimulation and expression phases.

Adjustable vacuum settings let mom choose her most comfortable pumping settings. All in one tan shoulder bag with an integrated motor unit and insulated cooler.

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Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Overview

The Medela Breast pump has multiple speeds and multiple styles to boot.

This comes in handy when you want to adjust the strength and speed of the suction while pumping. It is portable enough to bring to work or when traveling which clearly makes it a perfect choice for the working mom.

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Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Features and Specifications

  • Electric double pump
  • New bag style with extra storage
  • Adjustable speed/vacuum dial
  • Removable PVC-free cooler bag with a contoured ice pack
  • Battery pack included
  • More milk in less time (2-phase expression technology)
  • Optional 9V vehicle lighter adapter

Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump – The Negative Reviews

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Although this electric breast pump has garnered a hearty thumbs up from a lot of moms, we still want to give you a quick rundown of the things that others didn’t like about it.

If there is one thing that all reviewers can agree on, it is the high price tag that is attached to the product. But then again this breast pump would eventually pay for itself because it can last through a couple of kids.

Users didn’t like that the yellow valves get stuck on the connector pieces. One reviewer quipped that one out of two times, she notices some milk back into the tube.

Some users commented that they like the Symphony breast pump better because it pumps more milk than Medela. It won’t be fair though to compare Medela to Symphony because the latter is a hospital-grade pump and much more expensive (about $1800).


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Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump – The Positive Reviews

With as many high ratings for the Medela Advanced Personal Double breast pump has this should tell you that the product has received a seal of approval from many moms.

Users rave about this product’s portability. It’s very lightweight so you can easily bring it at work or while you travel. Another thing that moms love about the Medela breast pump is the variety of power options it offers.

Reviewers commented how reliable this product is. One mom mentioned that this pump is worth spending the money on. It’s so easy to use and clean. The adjustable suction power is heaven sent. You can adjust it according to your level of comfort. Moms are so thrilled with this feature!

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Conclusion On The Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump

Do we recommend the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

While the initial cost of this product is not something that everyone is willing to shell out, you are going to see that it’s worth every penny especially if you are planning to have more kids in the near future.

So many moms love it and it’s not so difficult to see why. It works exceptionally well, it gives you the ability to adjust the strength and speed of the suction, it’s lightweight, portable and it comes with free cooler bags with a contoured ice pack.

Can you ask for more?

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