There are things a new mom needs for herself as she settles in with her new baby. There are also must have baby items for first time moms and this is the aim of this article. We are going to discuss must have baby items in 2017.

As a new mom, you might currently be overwhelmed with all the items you need to have for baby, not to mention learning about staying healthy during pregnancy, then caring for your new bundle of a joy.

If this will be your very first baby, you aren’t entirely sure what you need to get compared to what might not be necessary.

The following items include a list of must-haves for new moms. Some of these items are simply highly encouraged, while others are items you absolutely need to have. It helps to see a handy of list of must haves for new moms after delivery. so you can get a checklist made and make sure you get all of the items you need.

Baby Gear 2017

To start with, you should begin shopping around for baby gear. These tend to be among the most big-ticket items, but also some of the essential things you need for your new baby. Keep in mind some items you need for your newborn by the time you deliver your baby, while other items you just need within the first few weeks or months after he is born. Start looking for the following baby gear for your new bundle of joy:

Stroller and Car Seat

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The car seat is the number one most important thing to have as far as gear goes for your new baby. You might be able to carry your baby from the car to the house, but you can’t hold him or her while in the car. You must have a car seat before you give birth.

If you give birth early, have a family member pick up one for you and get it installed! You need to be sure it is appropriate for newborns, is back-facing, and is installed properly. While there are some different models to choose from, installing it is even more important than the brand you go with.

There are travel sets that make it convenient to buy both the car seat and stroller at the same time. The car seat comes with a seat that is easy to remove from the mounting in your car and place it in the stroller. It locks easily and keeps your baby safe while walking or shopping.

In addition to travel strollers, there are a few others to choose from, such as lightweight strollers and jogging strollers. In your list of must have baby items 2017 you must include it.

High Chair

A high chair is a type of baby gear that is essential, but not necessarily something you need immediately. It isn’t until your baby is being fed while sitting up that you need a high chair. During the first several weeks, you will be holding your baby to nurse or bottle-feed, so you do have a little time before you purchase one.

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When it comes time, choose from these different types of high chairs:

Standard high chair – Many parents choose a standard high chair, which is a stand-alone chair. There are a lot to choose from, varying in their colors and patterns, sizes, and cost ranges. Look for one that is lightweight and easy to move around, with a comfortable padded seat for your baby, and one that is easy to clean with a removable tray.

Hook-to-table high chair – To save space in your kitchen, you can avoid a stand-alone chair and instead get one that hooks right to the table. Not only is it good to have at home, but it is wonderful for grandma’s house.

Booster seat high chair – This is a high chair you don’t really need until your baby can sit up straight, most likely when they reach close to toddler age. It allows your baby to sit on a dining room chair instead of needing room for a stand-alone high chair. It is excellent for traveling with.

Baby Hygiene

The next category of must-have baby products to ensure you have is for bathing and regular hygiene of your baby. Many of these items can be added to your baby shower list as they often come in little gift baskets, but also have some extras for yourself just in case!

Baby Tub

To start with, you need to have some type of baby bathtub. The two main options are a tub that fits in the sink and one that goes in an actual bathtub. The skin inserts for your kitchen sink are meant for newborns and infants up to just a few months old. At that point, your baby will go in your regular bathtub.

These are convenient and often better for your back. The other type of tub for a newborn is a basin tub. This is not your regular bathtub, but a tub you can place just about anywhere that is comfortable. Again, these are better for newborns and young babies.

hygiene of the babySoap and shampoo – With the hygiene items, you will first need soap and shampoo for babies. Make sure you only use soap that is specially formulated for baby’s soft and tender skin. Some bottles will be labeled specifically for newborns, so keep this in mind.

The soap and shampoo needs to be labeled as tear-free and not have any harsh preservatives, chemicals, or fragrances. Try new soap on a small area of your baby’s skin first to see if there are allergic reactions. Your pediatrician can also provide some recommendations.

Nail trimming – Keeping your baby’s nails trimmed is important because it keeps her from scratching herself. Her nails will grow quickly and quite sharp, so keep them trimmed with baby nail trimmers.

Cleaning the umbilical cord – Your baby’s umbilical cord will not fall off for a few days or weeks after she is born. During this time, you need to be careful in cleaning her, especially around this area. Cotton swabs and cotton balls are ideal for this area. Be very gentle when cleaning it.

Baby oil – If your baby gets cradle camp or another skin condition, oil is typically a good way to keep the area conditioned. Baby oil is formulated for your baby’s tender skin and scalp, so it won’t make it greasy or leave behind any chemicals you don’t want on your baby’s skin.

Skin care items – Speaking of your baby’s skin, there are a variety of other items you will need for her. This includes petroleum jelly for taking her rectal temperature, lotion and powder, and ointments for rashes.

Baby Medicine

It is a good idea to put together a little first-aid kit for your baby before he or she arrives. You don’t need a lot of items aside from what your family has in your main first-aid kit, though there are a few items specifically for babies. Here are some necessary items to include in your baby’s medicine kit:

Thermometer – To start with, make sure you have a thermometer specifically for your baby. There are standard and digital thermometers, though the digital ones are preferred. You can find an infant thermometer for different parts of your baby’s body, though the armpit ones are often easier to use.

Liquid acetaminophen – Have some acetaminophen for infants at home for things like a fever or pain. It should be in liquid form and specify the age of infants or babies it can be used for.

Nasal aspirator – This is to help snuck the snot out of your baby’s nose. He is much too small to blow his own nose, so you need to do it for him. It looks similar to a turkey baster and is very easy to use. You need to get that congestion out so he can breathe easy.

Rash cream – Make sure your checklist also includes some type of rash cream, not just for a diaper rash but other types of skin rashes.

Sunscreen – Your baby needs to have infant-approved sunscreen every time he is outside, even while riding in the car. This protects his gentle, delicate skin.

Alcohol wipes – Alcohol wipes are excellent for sterilizing items since they are quick and easy to use. They can sterilize the thermometer, bottle nipples, pacifiers, and toys.

Baby Furniture

Baby furniture is one of those categories where some items you need, and others you can hold off on or decide if it is really an essential purchase for you. Here are some different types of furniture to get and tips on whether it is essential or not.

Co-sleeper or Bassinet

While a crib might not be completely necessary for a newborn, you do need somewhere safe and comfortable for your baby to sleep. If you are co-sleeping where your baby is on your bed, you probably don’t want her directly next to you on the bed. This is when a co-sleeper comes in handy.

It is just big enough for your baby to sleep and move around comfortably, but keeps her safe from rolling around or having you roll a little closely towards her. If you aren’t going to co-sleep, a bassinet is good because your baby is in the room right next to your bed, but it takes up far less space than a crib.

Crib and Mattress

You don’t need a crib right away, but after a few months, you will need to have one. Once your baby is no longer sleeping in your room, he or she will need their own bed.

You need to have a crib and a crib mattress set up for him. Some cribs are very simple and only meant for infants and toddlers, while others convert into their first ‘big kid’ bed, saving you more money down the line.

Rocking Chair

This is an optional item, but one that often comes in handy either for your bedroom or the baby’s room. It is a good way to soothe your baby when putting him down to sleep, or when you are nursing and want a comfortable and quiet spot in your home to do it in. An alternative is simply to get comfortable on a couch or recliner in your home.

Changing Table

A changing table is considered an optional item, though something that may come in handy. If you have a nursery for your baby, it is a good thing to have. It not only provides a convenient place to change diapers, but it provides some storage for diapers, wipes, and other baby items.

Baby Products

The rest of these items aren’t always considered ‘must haves’ but some items to consider getting either now or during your baby’s first few months of life. They include:

Teething toys
– Within a few months of life, your baby will start teething. She will likely cry and be uncomfortable, and might present a fever as well. Teething toys, such as the popular Sophie giraffe toy, help her find some relief as something safe to chew on when her first few teeth start erupting through the gums.

Nursing pillow – A nursing pillow is a must-have for some new moms. It allows you to sit your baby comfortable in front of you while she nurses, making it easier for you and your baby.

Swing – A swing is an optional item, but something that can keep your baby entertained and occupied when you’re trying to get some housework done.

Diaper bag – Diaper bags are wonderful to have, but if you are on a tight budget, a large bag or purse you already own will do. However, keep in mind diaper bags have compartments that make it easy to organize items you need to bring with you when leaving the house with baby.

Breast pump – A breast pump is highly recommended as it helps to pump breast milk even when you aren’t breastfeeding actively. Your baby might not latch easily, so you can pump the breastmilk, and still give it to your baby in a bottle.