Tips For Boosting Breast Milk Supply

Nursing mothers, specifically the first time mothers, usually worry whether or not their breast milk supply is enough for their baby. Most mothers can produce adequate amount of breast milk for their newborn but there are instances when some mothers face the problem of not being able to provide sufficient quantities.

Benefits of breastmilk for babies are undeniable and as mother you should always look for ways and tips for boosting milk supply. Especially when it is a challenge to produce enough milk for your babe.

Since breast milk is a crucial nutritional source for infants and newborn babies, it is a must that you discover the right steps for boosting milk supply naturally. While your doctor can prescribe you with some breastfeeding supplements, there are actually some practices that you can try that are simple and easy home remedies for increasing breast milk supply.

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Breastfeed, Breastfeed, Breastfeed

Nothing will be able to boost your supply like the suckling of your baby. You see, the creation of breast milk is basically about supply and demand, with it being a highly regulated system.

You should not worry if your breasts feel like they are not full or you think your baby is not getting enough milk.

The suckling reflex can help in stimulating more milk in the long run. So, as much as you can, try to bring your newborn to your breast and let him feed. Augment this with eating healthy foods to increase breast milk

Forget the Time Limit

If you are having some issues with your supply, it would be best if you do not schedule the feedings or you do not limit the time that your baby spends on each breast. One of the best ways for boosting milk supply naturally is to give your baby both breasts during every feeding for a higher overall production.

You can also consider going for a nursing vacation in which you will spend your weekend in bed with your baby and you nurse him as much as possible.

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Sleep and Relaxation is a Must

This might be easier said than done when you have a newborn but you have to try to sleep and relax when you can.

Based on studies, it has been shown that mothers tend to produce more milk and have an improved milk letdown when they are relaxed and calm. When your baby takes a nap, get a nap as well.

If you can, you can request for a family member or babysitter to help you out. Eliminate or cancel most of your outside activities and try keeping things simple.

Listen to relaxing music, ask your husband to prepare you a nutritious homemade meal and trust that you will and can be successful in nursing your baby.

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Take Helpful Breastfeeding Supplements

Fenugreek is among the most famous herbal supplements for boosting supply. Another amazing supplement is brewer’s yeast, as well as calcium, bentonite clay and green powders because of their alkalinizing and calcium effects.

Alfalfa and blessed thistle are also great natural breastfeeding supplements and can work best together with fenugreek. These are known supplements to increase milk supply

Watch Your Diet

Make sure that you drink lots of fluids. You have probably heard this many times but it can truly make a difference in boosting milk supply naturally. Go for a minimum of 8 to 12 glasses every day or drink when you feel thirsty.

Eat healthy foods to increase breast milk quickly. See to it that you also eat more galactagogues such as barley, millet, quinoa and oatmeal, as well as turmeric, ginger and fennel.

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